How to Install a BMX Tyre and Inner Tube

All the info you need to fit and change a BMX tyre, inner tube and rim tape

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Step 1.

Release all the air from your tyre.

Step 2.

Use the first tyre lever by inserting between the tyre and rim, making sure that it tucks nicely under the tyre bead. Then fold down towards the wheel to pull the bead off the rim, securing the lever to a spoke.

Step 3.

Insert the second tyre lever in the same way roughly 10 centimetres away from the first tyre lever and repeat process to fold tyre bead over rim edge.

Step 4.

Insert a third tyre lever again in the same way roughly 10 centimetres away from either of the others. This time do not clip to a spoke and instead, slowly work around the rim until the tyre is completely freed on one side.

Step 5.

Now the tyre has been taken off one side you can remove the inner tube (if you're just changing an inner tube skip to step 8).

Step 6.

If you're changing the tyre, you should be able to simply pull it off the wheel, if not repeat steps 2 to 4 until the tyre completely separated from the rim.

Step 7.

To reinstall the new tyre, insert one side of the tyre beading onto the rim until one side is completely on.

Step 8.

Ever so slightly inflate the inner tube, so it just about holds its shape, then insert it into the tyre by first off-putting the valve in the rim valve hole and then working around the tyre until the whole inner tube is in it.

Step 9.

Now push the remaining bead of the tyre back onto the rim. You may need to use a tyre lever to get the last bit on, in which case, be extra cautious not to pinch or trap the inner tube between the rim, tyre or tyre lever.

Step 10.

Once the tyre is fully installed, pump the tyre to your desired PSI. Always check the tyre minimum and maximum pressure and do not exceed.