Here is our step by step guide on how to put together a complete BMX Bike!

The Tools you will need are:

  • Pump
  • 17mm Socket  
  • 5mm Allen Key
  • 6mm Allen Key
  • Pedal Spanner  
  • 10mm Spanner
  • Grease
  • Cloth

Step 1.

Remove the bike from the box and separate any components that have been tied to the bike. Discard any packaging covering bolt or fixing points. You can remove all packaging from the bike, but it is good practice to keep what you can on until the bike is built to help protect the paint from accidentally being knocked while assembling.

Step 2.

Check the rear tyres directional pattern and install and tighten the front wheel, so the tyre direction matches the rear.

Step 3.

Install the seat and post to the frame and tighten once at the preferred height and angle. Make sure the post is sat in the frame, so it is at least at the minimum level marked on it or above.

Step 4.

Loosen the two rear stem bolts and twist the stem, so it is in line with your front wheel. Once inline tighten the top cap to remove any slack in the headset while still having free movement for the forks to spin, now tighten the rear bolts on the stem to hold it all in place.

Step 5.

Remove the top plate off the stem and insert the handlebars. Put the stem plate on the bars and loosely tighten the bolts to the point it grips the bar’s so you don’t have to hold them in place. Check the stem plate is level with the stem and the knurling on the bars are in the middle of the stem before proceeding.

Step 6.

Once the handlebars are at your preferred position, work your way around the bolts slightly tightening each one in the pattern in the photo. This ensures you spread the load evenly between the bolts and no given bolt is taking all the load. Do this until the handlebars are securely held in place.

Step 7.

Lightly grease the inside thread on the cranks and install the pedals. It's important the correct pedal is fitted to the correct crank arm. Pedals and crank arms are normally labelled L (left) and R (right) for which one's go together. A general rule is if you can't thread it in with just your fingers don't use a tool as it's likely to be the wrong side or the thread between the pedals and cranks isn't inline. Only once you've done them up finger tight, use a tool to tighten the rest of the way.

Step 8.

Pump up both the tyres without exceeding the maximum PSI stated on the tyres.

Step 9.

Remove the rest of the packaging and then double-check every bolt and nut on the bike is tight before riding.