SourceBMX is a 100% Rider-owned and run store - we live and breath BMX! That’s why we know that choosing the right BMX wheel can be a little daunting, you my need to consider things to make sure the fit is correct such as drive-side, driver size, axle size and whether or not you’re going to run cassette or freecoaster. This handy guide has been created to give you all the tools you need around sizing and what parts you need to meet your needs. Further down the guide we break down each part of a BMX wheel so you can really get your wheel Knowledge up to scratch!

We hope you find this useful and please remember we’re here to help - just chat to us on our live chat service, pick up the phone or get in touch through our Contact Us page.

We can build you, your own CUSTOM BMX WHEEL! Pick any rim, spokes and Hub and we will build your custom wheels for no extra cost!


We carry a large range of pre-built BMX wheels here at SourceBMX to suit any type of riding or budget. However we also hand build custom wheels at no extra cost. That means that you can choose any hub, rim and spokes and we will hand build your wheel for you. Why not check out our Custom Wheel Builder tool and start creating now.



Hub guards aren't a neccesity when building or buying wheels, but if you're planning on running pegs then we would suggest getting guards. Hub guards protect your hub as well as making your grinds smoother. NOTE: Most hubs for street and park come with guards included. If you're adding after-market guards, you can look for specific guards to fit your hub or get a generic fitting guard to ensure it fits. Also rear hub guards come in Drive Side or Non Drive side versions


Although looking similar, Rims come with some subtle differences in design and construction. Some rims will have more internal "walls" than others, which adds strength and weight, while more affordable rims are pinned at the join as opposed to welded. NOTE: Rims have an "Aero" type design, which means the rim is domed shaped for more strength. If you want to chose one of these rims, ensure they have a braking surface if you are planning to run a brake.


The standard spoke count for Freestyle BMX wheels is 36. All our hubs and rims are drilled for 36 spokes unless stated otherwise. All our spokes are supplied with nipples and made from stainless material which means that rust is very rarely an issue. If you want to save some weight then choosing Butted spokes which are thinned out in the middle is a good option. And if your budget allows we also carry Titanium spokes.


The Hub is centre piece of any wheel (literally) and needs to be strong and light for BMX riding. The standard Axle size for BMX bikes is 10mm at the front and 14mm at the rear and sealed bearings are standard these days. Look out for options on Male or Female axles and two differnt types of rear hubs - Cassette or Freecoaster - More on that below.


Freecoaster or Cassette, What's the difference and what should you get?


Cassette hubs are the standard rear BMX hub. They are called cassete hubs as the cog mechanism or "driver" are built into the hub shell itself. Modern BMX cassettes are very reliable and usually lighter than Freecoaster hubs. Unless you are serious street rider who wants to do specific Fakie tricks then you should opt for a regular Cassette hub.


Popular amongst street riders, a freecoaster hub allows you to ride backwards (Fakie) without having to pedal backwards. This is great if you are regulary doing fakie tricks and will open up tricks and possibilties for you. Although Modern day Freecoasters are much more reliable than they used to be, they still require more maintenence and are typically heavier than cassetes.


BMX Wheels come in Right and Left hand drive. The standard side, like regular bikes, is Right hand drive. The reason you may want to change to a left hand drive is if you grind on your right and your sprocket, chain and driver are always getting in the way or damaged. The advantages are:

• If you grind on the Right, moving to a left hand drive will move your sprocket and chain out of harms way

• It opens up more hub guard options and prevents you getting "hooked up" on grinds

NOTE: If you are upgrading your wheel from a Right hand to Left hand drive you will need to ensure your cranks are also compatible with LHD - this is usually as simple as looking for a sprocket boss (mounting bolt) on the left hand crank as well as the right.


What is the difference in freestyle wheels and race wheels?

Freestyle wheels and race wheels are not typically interchangeable and you should only run Freesyle wheels on freestyle bikes and race wheels on race bikes. The main differences are axle sizes and driver/cog sizes as well as strength to weight ratios.

Difference in male and female axles?

Male axles are traditional types which have a wheel nut thread onto them where as Female axles thread directly into the hub itself. Female designs are commonplace on front hubs whereas both Male and Female types can be found on rear hubs. As a general rule if you are running pegs then Male axles on the rear tend to be stronger and easier to install/remove your pegs and hub guards.

Do i need a hub guard?

Hub guards are not required but recommended if you run pegs, as they protect your hub and make grinds smoother and more reliable. You can run hub guards on both sides or just the side you grind on - it's up to you. At the rear you can run both Drive Side and Non Drive side versions giving protetion to both sides of the hub.

What size Axle do I need?

The standard size axles for BMX bikes are 10mm at the front and 14mm at the rear. It's unusual to run a different size on Freestyle BMX bikes but sometimes you get 14mm front axles or 10mm rear axles also.

When deciding what axle size you need, make sure you get the right size to match your forks and frame - these are easily measured and the slots or "dropouts" as they're called will be either 10mm or 14mm.

Is there a difference between the front and rear wheels?

Yes Front wheels and Rear BMX wheels are different and not interchangeable. Apart from the obvious cog on the rear wheel for pedalling, the wheels are also different widths. So the front wheel won't fit in the rear of the frame and vice versa.

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