For 2021, we are proud to announce WD-40 as one of our partners for the Battle of Hastings event and to compliment this, we will now stock their industry leading bike specific products worldwide!

First and foremost, we have the original WD-40 "Multi-Use" available in both 300ml "Smart Straw" and a 400ml "Flexible Hose" option for those hard to reach areas.

Both options help to stop squeaks, loosen rust, drive out moisture and more, so a must have in any tool kit!

Next up we have the WD-40 Specialist "Bike Chain Cleaner" coming in at 500ml and a must have to keep your BMX drive chain feeling as dialled as possible! 

Looking to keep things rolling as smoothly as possible whilst out on a session? Well we also have the WD-40 Specialist "Bike Chain Spray" available in an easy to carry 250ml.